• Patents Awarded
  • The Pumps has been awarded the inventive patent of PMSM (rare earth permanent magnet synchronous Motor) - Motor & pump integration design, submersible and automatic cooling system technology. They are the most efficient energy-saving motor of submersible pumps.
  • More patents such as efficient impeller pumping system, inlet sealing system, aquarium water flow control system, together with adjustable speed and programmable intelligent controller already applied and now are in pending status.
  • Technical Supports
  • Through the cooperation with senior experts of professional companies in senior aquarium breeding / gardening industry of Netherlands, Germany, UK and etc, combining with fluid mechanics design from the University of Amsterdam in Netherlands, the water pump structure/mold design from royal Dutch Philips company, and power frequency/intelligent control of the industry's most advanced technical cooperation with Tsinghua University of China Shenzhen institute, our company has obtained lots of scientific research and the patent technology in frequency intelligent water pump/aquarium intelligent and etc.

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