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  • Aquscience cooperated with senior experts of professional companies in top aquarium breeding and gardening industry in the Netherlands,Germany, UK etc.,combining with fluid mechanics design & water pump structure/mold design from the Royal Dutch Philips company, Current Frequency lntelligent control software by the Tsinghua University, we design and manufacture the most high efficiency and energy saving BOMAQUA PMSM Motor submersible pump.
  • Using many our owned patents of efficient impeller pumping system,work with adjustable speed and programmable intelligent controller,Aquscience developed full serie of professional water pump production lines from 10w~2200w,up to 94.6% performing efficiency, long working life without failures, good for both fresh and marine water, noiceless and low vibration, our product sets up a professional range pole for the industry and guide the whole industry to upgrade.
  • Aquscience owned a lot of patents of intelligent filtration system,also by exchanging patents with other companies from USA and European countries, we designed and made the only one system fully automatic working without maintains, it's a new general revolution product, with a fantastic features like energy/water saving, high efficiency and quiet, no changeable items, no human daily maintains requires, remarkable big treatment capacity.
  • The system is formed with BOMAQUA lntelligent Pump, Drum Filter, and Bubble Bead Filter, taking little space and easy for mounting, lt can get rid of all solid waste bigger than 10micron and reduce the resolved Ammonia and NO2 ,NO3, etc., keep the water quality good to establish a good bio-cycling system.

  • Aquscience also developed a patented technology of aquarium water flow control system:Ocean Controller, Protein Skimmer.Cooperated with our whole serie of pumps and through 0~10v external control system which also compatible with other pumps in the industry, composite an intelligent water cycle and water quality treatment system for customer's aquarium system.
  • The BOMAQUA  lntelligent Filtration system consisted by mentioned BOMAQUA cells,professionally serve for the large-scale aquarium, swimming pool,Koi pond, high-end aquaculture and horticulture, doing great for intelligent water life.

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