Drumfilter DF250S1-00

Product Description


Made for koi ponds and swimming pools   

Very compact as 60x70x70 cm in SUS316  

Filtration capacity up to 60,000 liter of water per hour

Can be placed 5 cm above pond level   

Totally self-cleaning             

Standard up to filtration of 10 micron    

Activated by tap water               

No electricity connection         

Can be made underground totally    

Adjustable foots for easy installation     

Increased gauge surface             

Very low noise                     

Children protected               

Integrated lid                      

Direct tap water connection           

No extra pressure pump needed (3 bar min) 

Cleaning 1000 times with 1m3 water     

Opt for integrated UV lamp with double function  

All parts available from the inside  

Drum with closing garbage outlet  

Automatic collection of blanket weed 

Automatic closing garbage outlet    

Extra adjustable water entrance for cleaning the garbage outlet  

Drum can run totally under water    


4 x 110 mm inlets            

1 x 110 mm outlet          

1 x 160 mm outlet           


CE certification

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