Bubble Bead Filter BBF2 & BBF4

Product Description

Bubble Bead Filter 

Guaranteed water quality    

Standard full automatic and complete  

Can be used with low energy pumps with minimum pump pressure 

Can be controlled with Blue-eco controller for multiple washings 

Also automatic cleaning at pump failure   

At pump failure oxygen rich area inside the filter for long life batteries

No extra noisy air pump

No dead spots inside the filter  

Sufficient backwash height   

All technical equipment inside the filter itself 

Can be connected at all sides 360 degrees at top and bottom

Soft biological washing (as needed)

Ready for placement indoor and outdoor

Also placement below water level is possible

Full automatic control   

Special reformed beads               

Backwashes every day with a minimum amount of water with no noise at all 

Simple and very easy to mount   

Two models:

Model BBF2

Material:   PE                         

Color :     Green                     

Capacity:   30m3 ponds                

Performance: 400 grams of food per day    

Pump power: min 55 watt               

Guarantee:   2 years                   


Model BBF4

Material:   PE                       

Color :     Green                    

Capacity:   50m3 ponds              

Performance: 900 grams of food per day 

Pump power: min 80 watt               

Guarantee: 2 years                  

CE certification

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