Recirculating Aquaculture System design for fresh water fish

A Recirculating Filtration System design for fresh water fish:

L x W x H: 16.2m x 9.6m x 1.3m

Fish:fresh water




    • 100% automatic performance

    • High efficiency up to 90%, super energy saving and quiet

    • Automatic back wash and pipe out
    • No maintenance required, no changeable items


  • Equipment:

DF250S01: Drum Filter *1pc., Max Capacity: 250T/H, automatic filtrate all bigger than 10micron solid waste and pipe out

SP050022A03-01: Intelligent Pump 500W * 1pcs, Max. Capacity: 32T/H

BBF2: Bubble Bead Filter Model 2 * 1pc., Max. Capacity: 400g Fish Food/D

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